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Bobby Backpack What It Can Do For You

Backpacks are something that just about everyone has but getting the backpack that is right for you can be hard.With Bobby Backpacks, you can carry everything you need to while keeping it all safe.The best part of Bobby anti-theft Backpack is that it keeps your items from being stolen.Why do you want a Bobby XD Design Backpack and what can it do for you?

Every month in NYC there are over 3,000 pickpocket incidents reported and a large number of incidents go unreported.This is only one city.  Keeping your belongings is secure is important.Most backpacks do not take security of items into mind, and if they do, they don’t bother making security innovations.

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With the Bobby Backpack, you have complete protection.As if you had your own British Bobby.The security starts in the fabric.The material that is used to craft these is cut resistant.No one can come up behind you and cut into your bag to steel your items.In bigger cities, this is a common method for steeling items.

Next, the zippers are moved to a non-traditional but extremely convenient location.All of the zippers on a Bobby XD Design Backpack are moved to the rear of the bag so that it can only be accessed when off your back.For convenience, there is also a hidden compartment on the back of the bag for passports and other sensitive information.

All of the pockets that you would normally find on the front of a backpack are either moved inside the bag or on the back.Pockets on the side of the bag allow you to zip in your phone and/or other items.Built into the strap of the Bobby anti-theft Backpack is a hidden pocket to keep your bus pass or other public transit card safe.

anti theft backpackxd design backpackbobby anti theft backpack

Security isn’t all that the backpack has in mind, it also has safety in mind.Bobby XD Design Backpack comes with reflective stripes around the edges to make sure that cars can see you at night, even if you are on a bike.This adds protection that is much needed for those who walk at night.It will prevent you from getting hit.

But Bobby Backpack is supposed to be a backpack after all, not just a safe and secure storage device.That means it comes with many of the features you would expect in a backpack.

Part of having a backpack is to take the weight away from your body so that you can carry everything that you need to.Bobby XD Design Backpack has the weight balanced perfectly so that you feel up to 25% less weight when carrying your items around.The balance of your backpack is moved towards you so that it isn’t pulling you back.


The inside of the bag itself is divided into perfect sections to hold everything you take with you during the day.That means that it carries your computer, tablet, charger, pens, paper, and more.On a normal backpack, the water bottle holder is on the outside but recent thefts have even seen water containers stolen, that is why the Bobby Backpack has the water in a special pocket on the inside of the bag. 

We all have technology that we use every day, from cellphones to tablets.To help keep you working every day, Bobby has built in a power pack holder and cabling through the pack.An outside charging port allows you to plug your phone into the backpack while it is outside of the bag.

Here are all of the features that you will get from your amazing Bobby Backpack:

  • Secure Design
  • Slash Proof Material
  • Reflective Strips
  • Water Resistant Design
  • Proper Weight Distribution
  • Pockets for Everything You Need
  • Built-in USB Chaging
  • Laptop Pocket for Computers up to 15 inches
  • Sweatproof Design
  • xd design bobbybest anti theft backpackanti theft bag

Don’t put your belongings at risk from pick pockets and other thieves.With Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack your items are secure and safe.Even if a thief tries to get to them,they will fail.You also have the benefit of having a well-designed backpack with top of the line features.

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